[FIC] And all to all the world besides for thesacredgrove

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: And all to all the world besides
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: thesacredgrove
Rating: M
Warnings: None yet
Spoilers: Till Season 8, episode 23.
Word Count: 2586
Summary: Cas is not taking humanity very well.
Author notes: To my giftee: I'm sorry I haven't actually managed to fulfill your request in its entirety, but your prompt was so good I could not bring myself to write short one-shot. Please be reassured that I'll post chapter 2 ASAP.

And all to all the world besides

[FIC] (All I Want) For Christmas for Destiel_Giggity

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: “(All I Want) For Christmas”
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: Destiel_Giggity
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None (that I’m aware of)
Word Count: 3031
Summary: Castiel is human - it's a good thing Dean's there.
Author notes: This… is not entirely what you asked for, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway, Destiel_Giggity.

(All I Want) For Christmas

[FIC] Some Monster Loose (In Your Beautiful World) for all the Pinch Hitters

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: Some Monster Loose (In Your Beautiful World)
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: all the Pinch Hitters
Warnings: None of Note
Spoilers: Slightly Canon Divergent Season 8
Word Count: 12429
Summary: For Cas, Purgatory vibrated with the pure baseline need of everything trapped within it: pure need to run, pure need to devour, pure need to survive.

What Castiel felt coming from Dean was a very different kind of need.
Author notes: Merry Smutmas!

Some Monster Loose (In Your Beautiful World)

[ART] Sleeping Habits for Thette

Gift type: Fanart
Title: Sleeping Habits
Artist: Secret Santa
Recipient: Thette
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Usually sharing a bed, sleeping together, comes with the partners sleeping habits too, these can be good and bad at the same time... but in this case, they seemed to be very compatible, sleeping peacefully together, cuddled close.
Artist notes: Dear recipient, not sure if this is what you had in mind, I had a crack version idea of this too, but wasn't sure of my humor would suit you, so I tried my best to draw this, hope you like this at least a bit, darling!

Sleeping Habits

[FIC] There's Something in the Beaker for Nikolaus_Chaser

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: There’s Something in the Beaker
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: Nikolaus_Chaser
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Spoilers: none
Word Count: 1.237
Summary: Dean and Castiel work in Rowena's magic store. When Castiel gets tasked with brewing a love potion for Rowena, something goes horribly wrong and Dean is left picking up the pieces.
Author notes: I'm not in the habit of posting chapter-fics, but this is a pinch-hit and my week did not go as planned. Sorry. I'll get this updated ASAP. Hope you like the beginning.

There's Something in the Beaker

[FIC] The bank of the Vaitarini for cupidsbow

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: The bank of the Vaitarini
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: cupidsbow
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of Violence
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2067
Summary: “Someone’s trying to open the gates of hell,” Rufus states blandly.
There’s a pause as Dean waits for the rest. It doesn’t come.
“And we think there may be demons involved.”

Dean's job as a Special Officer: Supernatural Division doesn't promise much - just the odd poltergeist or hobgoblin. When he is called upon to help an Angel to prevent the opening of one of the gates of hell, who can blame him from leaping on to it? If only said Angel wasn't so distracting...
Author notes: To my giftee: Thank you for your lovely prompts. I enjoyed writing this and am really looking forward to continuing, so I hope you like it!

The bank of the Vaitarini

[FIC] Old Number 7 for Ill_write_it

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: Old Number 7
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: Ill_write_it
Rating: E
Warnings: Dubcon/Noncon. Internalised homophobia. Angsty smut. Rimming. [Click for fic-spoiler]Major Character Death (implied)
Spoilers: None?
Word Count: 2148
Summary: Cas took over the world once, but this time he takes Dean apart instead. This hurts almost as much.
Author notes: Dear I'll-write-it - I hope this is close to what you wanted. I know you wanted some dark dub-con and no trace of fluff. This isn't exactly what you asked for, but hopefully it's dark, filthy, and angsty enough to make up for it and meet your needs.

Old Number 7

[FIC] Things to Come for A Dropout

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: Things to Come
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: A Dropout
Rating: soft PG
Warnings: Ficlet, Fast-Paced, Newly Human Castiel, Brief Mortal Peril, Blood and Injuries, Hurt/Comfort, Bed Sharing, UST, Sorry About That
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: “Well, that could have gone a little better,” Dean says eventually. They’re watching golf, for some inexplicable reason. “Welcome to the life, I guess.”
Author notes: For Prompt 2: Cas is injured on his first hunt as a human and Dean has to take care of him. Postee also requested Sam being awesome, which is never a hardship. Many thanks to my lovely and short-notice beta, stardustandseas!

Things to Come

[FIC] Making It Up As We Go Along for OutOfLuck

Gift type: Fanfic
Title: Making It Up As We Go Along
Author: Secret Santa
Recipient: OutOfLuck
Rating: Gen
Warnings: n/a
Spoilers: Up to Season 9
Word Count: 6,400
Summary: While rummaging around the artifacts in the Men of Letters bunker, Dean finds a pair of what he thinks are Hellhound glasses...except it turns out they let the wearer see angel wings as well.
Author notes: I combined two of your prompts for this one! I hope you enjoy it!

Making It Up As We Go Along